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Versatile Blogger Nomination/Blogs I Like

May 1, 2012

In what appears to be a rite of passage into the WordPress blogging community, I have been nominated by the authors of one particularly great blog, Pursue natural, for what is known as “The Versatile Blogger” award. I don’t believe versatility is necessarily a criterion for the selection process, but it is a nice way to promote your favorite blog buddies. Being fairly new to the game, I deeply appreciate the kudos and reciprocate it. Pursue natural is a cut above the average blog and is in fact a terrific source of information written by an expert in the field. I already follow the blog and hope you will do the same.

The Versatile Blogger

Versatile blogger Nomination:

Thank you, thank you. Now, where am I going to find room for this thing next to all my slow pitch softball trophies?

The Versatile blogger Nomination has the following strings attached:
1) Thank the blogger who nominated – Thank you, Pursue natural
2) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers and tell them that you nominated their site
3) List seven facts about you

I’m going to level with you all and admit that I barely even follow 15 blogs. Pursue natural would have been one of them, and you can’t nominate the blog that nominated you, can you? Anyhow, I do have a few that I really like. So, if I list less than 15, at least you know none of them are filler, right?

1. Tyler and Lisa Brown’s Flow
Love this one. Two fitness educators blog about exercisy stuff and share some of their creative kitchen concoctions.

2. Fiona Grows Food
Young lady from the bay area journals her new foray into gardening. I find her garden-writing as enjoyable as Pollan and Thoreau.

3. Domestic Diva, M.D.
One of the first blogs I started following. Witty Jane Austen-type shares tasty-looking recipes and quibbles with her mom over why she’s not married yet.

4. Health Demystified
This guy has the exact same idea as me (which means I like him): write about health and be funny. He is funny and offers great info. Good stuff.

5. Fed Up Food
All about cooking healthy-ish with natural ingredients, and written with a healthy dose of attitude to keep your heart rate up. Great site lay-out too.

6. Our Life in Food
Seriously delicious-looking low-carb recipes. I really need to try one of these sometime.

Since I’m running late for work, let me just list off a few others that I enjoy:

7. Ashley Jillian
8. Nicole Geurin, MPH, RD
9. Topiclessbar
10. A Single Blog

Mad props to everyone.

OK, so now I have to give 7 facts about me. Gotta’ get to work, so I’ll make this quick:

1. Grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. Loved Ninja Turtles and ate a lot of pizza.

2. Went to school at University of Iowa. Graduated in 2008 with BAs in Media Studies and French.

3. I’ve always dabbled in comedy. Greatest claim to fame on the internet, for better or worse, is this.

4. Taught English at a private school in South Korea for ten months immediately after college. Returned home and temped for a year at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Des Moines.

5. Currently live in Los Angeles, where I eat a lot of Korean food.

6. I work at the University of Southern California and am current enrolled in its Master of Public Health program part-time.

7. I am a couchsurfer.

There you have it. Thanks again, Pursue natural.

-Will Bigg

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